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There are three Learning Tiers within Flourish online seminary courses. Each tier has its own associated access parameters, cost and registration procedures. To understand all specification of these tiers, please read the full tier descriptions here.  

Tier 1 (Audit) - This tier is open to any Flourish Student. Students enrolling in this tier are primarily taking the course for personal enrichment.  (Flourish Student: $25/class)

Tier 2 (Equipping & Certification) This tier is for Flourish Students and CLP Students who want full participation in the course for ministerial equipping and denominational credit (non-graduate credit).  (Flourish Student: $500/class)

Tier 3 (Graduate Credit) This tier is open to any Flourish Students or CLP Students who want to take the course for graduate credit through Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, and who is eligible for and successfully attains admission to the seminary (either as a degree-seeking, non-degree seeking or visiting student from another ATS-accredited seminary).  (Flourish Student: $500/class)  Please note: For this tier, you also need to also apply to Gordon-Conwell. Once you have been approved as a Flourish Student, you will be able to register for fall classes with Flourish. After you register for fall classes, you will then apply to Gordon-Conwell. The details on how to apply to Gordon-Conwell  will be in the confirmation email after you register for classes. 

If applying for Tier 2 or Tier 3 and need educational accommodations due to a disability please contact [email protected].

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